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SmartNET design and installs LAN, WAN, Storage, Voice over IP systems, wireless links. SmartNET has expertise in interfacing instrumentation systems.
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Smart Support Services gives customers peace of mind when managing large IT systems by provided on-site support and extended immediate replacement warranties.
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Latest Developments @ SmartNET
SmartNET organizes Network Integration Seminar: The event will bring together customers and manufacturers to discuss better ways of building efficient, cost-effective networks. A lab is being setup to demonstrate interoperability of network devices from leading equipment manufacturers.
SmartNET introduces SMART Warranty: SMART Warranty provides immediate replacement of network devices in case of failure. You no longer have to wait for device replacements or repairs from manufacturers before you can be up again. You also do not have the need to stock extra units of critical network equipment.
SmartNET announces Storage Design Services: SmartNET has tied up with EMC to provide top-end storage solutions to its customers. EMC's range of products are suited for high-performance applications, while enabling customers to comply with government regulations regulating customer data.
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